How does the 3cx phone system work?


3cx Phone System

A 3CX Phone System is a software-based phone system that allows businesses to make and receive calls using an internet connection. Equipped with a range of capabilities to enhance productivity and communication, it is a flexible and affordable substitute to conventional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems.

This guide will explain more about what a 3CX Phone System is, how it works, and the benefits it can provide businesses. We will also learn how to choose the right system for your organisation and give tips on implementation and maintenance.

What is the 3CX Phone System?

A 3CX Phone System is a software-based phone system that uses VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to make and receive calls. It is a cost-effective alternative to traditional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems. It does not need expensive hardware and can be set up and configured on any device with an internet connection. The system also offers many features, including an auto attendant, call routing, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and more.

How Does the 3CX Phone System Work?

The system architecture of a 3CX Phone System is based on a client-server model, where the 3CX software is installed on a server and connected to the internet. The system then uses VoIP to make and receive calls, routing them through the server to the appropriate extension or call queue. The system also allows for integration with existing infrastructure, such as CRM, and can be accessed from any device with an internet connection.

3CX phone systems can manage call queues and redirect calls

A 3CX Phone System routes calls and manages call queues in various ways. One of the system’s most significant characteristics is its ability to use IVR (Interactive Voice Response) to route calls to the correct extension or call queue. It can also route calls automatically based on time of day, caller ID or other factors. Similarly, the system can be set up to handle call overflow and allow callers to leave a message or to be routed to another extension.

How a 3CX phone system routes call and manage call queues

With a 3CX Phone System, you can optimise how your calls are routed and queued. Its IVR (Interactive Voice Response) feature ensures every call reaches the right person or department with ease. The system also offers automatic routing based on time of day, caller ID, or any other criteria for maximum flexibility. Plus its overflow management function enables all incoming calls to be answered quickly—either by one of your team members if available; otherwise via a voicemail message before being transferred elsewhere.

Types of 3CX phone systems

3CX provides a cutting-edge, seamless experience for both self- and cloud-hosted systems. It’s easy to tailor your communication system so that it perfectly matches the requirements of your business—giving you an edge over other companies in today’s competitive market. With 3CX, companies can enjoy a unified communication solution tailored to their specific needs—whether self-hosted or cloud-based.

Self-hosted 3CX

Self-hosting allows a company ultimate control over security and monitoring parameters, as well as great options for customising features like voicemail, call forwarding, auto attendant and much more. If your business is small to mid-sized and doesn’t have access to an established telephone network system to get connected, self-hosting is a fast way to achieve this..

Cloud-hosted 3CX

Cloud-based 3CX is a cost-effective option for larger organisations that allows them to be a little more nimble. This platform provides built-in features that ensure scalability, such as high availability, while mitigating upfront costs with its pay-as-you go service plan. The result is an efficient solution for businesses looking to remain agile in today’s ever-changing landscape.

Enhance your business communication with the 3CX phone system.This tailored platform is designed to meet any need, integrating powerful features that will allow you to stay ahead of competition and deliver customer satisfaction at a new level.

How to set up and configure a 3CX phone system

Managing a 3CX Phone System to suit the individual requirements of your business is easy, thanks to its web-based management console. Whether it’s configuring extensions or call queues—or taking advantage of advanced customisation through the API and integrating with existing infrastructure like CRM systems—everything you need for success can be found in one convenient place.

Regular software updates and backups for maintaining the system

Proper system maintenance is paramount to ensure your 3CX Phone System performs optimally and remains secure. By implementing regular software updates, backups and monitoring for issues, you’ll be able to make sure that communication between teams runs as smoothly as possible in any situation.

Integrating the system with existing infrastructure

Through its API capabilities, the 3CX Phone System can easily integrate with existing infrastructure, allowing unique customisations that can boost team productivity. These customisations include logging calls, managing a call centre, or recording conversations.

Implementation and Maintenance

Efficient implementation and regular maintenance of a 3CX Phone System are essential for ensuring seamless business operations. A successful setup requires expertise in selecting the right system, configuring servers and phone lines, and troubleshooting issues that may arise. Regular updates, backups and monitoring should also be conducted, to ensure uninterrupted service. It’s also important to plan ahead for the event that downtime may occur.

Connecting the 3CX System to the internet and making calls

With 3CX Phone Systems, you can stay connected, no matter where your team is located. VoIP technology allows for voice and video calling over the internet—providing more cost-effective communication than traditional phone lines, whilst maintaining flexibility with any device that has an internet connection. Put simply, these systems offer a smart solution to staying in touch and collaborating easily across distances.

Key features and components:

The 3CX telephone system is ideal for businesses seeking a cost-effective and reliable communication solution. It comes packed with great features, including PBX (Private Branch Exchange), VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), Auto Attendant, Call Routing, and IVR (Interactive Voice Response).

PBX (Private Branch Exchange)

PBX allows staff to make and receive calls using an in-house exchange, eliminating the need for an extra line or phone.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

VoIP provides the ability to make and receive calls over the internet—saving businesses the spend on long-distance charges.

Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant provides automated customer service for incoming calls, routing them to the correct person or department.

Call Routing

With call routing, incoming calls are directed to the best available person based on availability, order of importance, skill set or language.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

IVR allows customers to access basic information or leave details & messages through a virtual assistant.

Benefits of 3CX Phone System:

Cost savings

3CX Phone Systems offer an efficient alternative to costly traditional PBX systems. They do not require bulky equipment and can be set up on any device with online access, allowing you to enjoy the cost savings without sacrificing quality telecommunications.

Reduction in phone bills

VoIP technology is revolutionising communication and offering unprecedented cost savings. By leveraging its potential, users can enjoy significant reductions in their phone bills without sacrificing quality of service.

Increased productivity

Our system’s innovative features, such as call routing and IVR, empower businesses to optimise their communication processes for greater productivity, with shorter hold times.

Improved communication

By unifying the internal communications landscape, teams have access to a single source of truth and improved collaboration capabilities with existing CRM systems. This allows organisations to be more productive, while reducing their communication overheads.

Enhanced mobility and flexibility

Our system offers a revolutionary level of communication flexibility, enabling users to access and stay connected from any device with an internet connection.

Remote working capabilities

With 3CX Phone Systems, remote work is now easier than ever! Employees can stay connected from anywhere in the world and still enjoy access to all of their favourite office phone system features.

Easy collaboration

With 3CX, communication and collaboration among teams is made effortless. Not only can employees make calls like usual, but they can also use instant messaging for quick updates, video conferencing capability to team up with colleagues from far away or utilise screen sharing capabilities for a hassle-free presentation.

No need for expensive hardware

3CX Phone Systems provide a more efficient, cost-effective solution for businesses. By utilising software rather than hardware, companies can save time and money—helping them stay competitive in an ever-changing market.

Access from any device

Give your team the freedom to get the job done from anywhere with 3CX Phone Systems. The cloud-based system can be accessed securely on any device that has access to an internet connection, making remote work a breeze!


As your business grows, 3CX Phone Systems scale up easily to meet the changing needs of a successful enterprise.

Choosing the Right 3CX Phone System for Your Business:

Making the right Phone System choice for a business is not easy. With so many options available, selecting one that meets both your company’s objectives and budget can be challenging. To maximise value from this important decision, it’s essential to create a shortlist of 3CX Systems before you choose which system works best for you. Here are some top considerations when picking out the perfect phone solution!

1. Scalability

When selecting a phone system, scalability is an essential criterion. You should ask yourself if the chosen solution can expand and grow with your business as it progresses – from adding more phones or extensions to incorporating new features and functionalities. With this information in hand, you will be able to confidently select a suitable system that best meets your changing needs over time.

2. Features

To ensure you are maximising your team’s productivity, consider the comprehensive suite of features offered by a 3CX Phone System. From voicemail to video conferencing and beyond, evaluate each feature for its capacity to meet or exceed business objectives. Don’t forget about any additional capabilities that might be advantageous too!

3. Cost

When incorporating technology into any operation, cost should factor prominently in the selection process. Evaluate setup fees and upkeep costs to ensure you’re getting bang for your buck, then comb through contract details so that unforeseen expenses don’t surprise you down the line. On top of all this, investigate licensing considerations as well as potential support coverage options before making a decision. Doing due diligence now can save headaches later.

4. Integration with Other Systems

Utilising a 3CX Phone System that can be integrated with existing systems such as CRM and ERP accounts provides businesses countless opportunities to bolster efficiency, reduce manual effort, and save costs. To ensure the best results in terms of long-term performance, it’s important to assess individual needs while also evaluating factors such as maintenance fees or vendor reliability during installation process consultation. Investing wisely will guarantee years of seamless operation for your phone system.

3CX Phone System FAQ

Can 3CX be installed, activated, and operated without internet access?

3CX provides an incomparable business communications experience, but to take advantage of it your organisation must be connected—literally. The platform utilises VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology for call transmissions and thus requires a steady internet connection in order to function effectively.

Can 3CX send an SMS?

3CX enables businesses to unlock the power of texting with a convenient SMS add-on. Easily send and receive messages within 3CX, creating new possibilities for streamlined communication in any organisation.

Does 3CX record calls?

With 3CX, businesses can leverage its integrated call recording feature for storage and assurance of quality conversations. Enable your organisation to meet compliance requirements with advanced audio data capture capability.

How much does 3CX cost?

For all your telecommunication needs, 3CX offers a variety of customsable and cost-effective packages that can be tailored to suit any business. Choose from cloud or on-premises solutions with pricing options per user, along with monthly billing rates or perpetual licensing for maximum flexibility.

Is 3CX VoIP or PBX?

3CX is an innovative system combining the convenience of a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. This solution offers organisations great flexibility and cost savings, along with advanced features such as video conferencing and presence. By routing calls via the internet instead of traditional telephone lines, 3CX allows for seamless call management without compromising on quality or reliability.

What is PBX?

PBX is a comprehensive communication solution for organisations that want to direct and manage their incoming and outgoing calls. This telephony system allows internal users to make free unlimited inter-departmental calls while facilitating access from external sources through the public telephone network. PBX provides an efficient way of managing corporate networks with increased security, productivity, scalability and cost savings.


For businesses looking to maximise productivity, the 3CX Phone System offers a comprehensive set of features that can streamline communication and simplify daily operations. With its ability to integrate with existing infrastructure, it also provides enhanced mobility and flexibility, so your team stays connected wherever they go. As you explore this solution for your organisation’s needs, keep in mind factors like budget constraints, call volume requirements or number of users needing access before making any decisions. To get started on choosing and configuring the most suitable system based on those criteria, we recommend consulting our specialists who are well-versed in these technologies.