As experts in Microsoft cloud services, Technetics Consulting is here to assist you and your business with every aspect of implementing and managing Microsoft 365 cloud applications and the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.

With our support for cloud services, you can enjoy unparalleled reliability and scalability and a cost-effective IT infrastructure that will empower your business for growth – both now and in the future. Learn more about what we do below, or contact us now for a consultation.

Microsoft 365 & Azure Migration

If you want to migrate from an on-site data center to a hybrid cloud or private cloud with Microsoft Azure, or you want to move to cloud-based Microsoft 365 apps, our team is here to help.

We know that cloud migrations can be complex and stressful – which is why our experts work closely with your team to get the job done right, and to minimize the risk of complications throughout your data transfer and migration.

Microsoft 365 & Azure Management

The administration Azure of public clouds and Microsoft Office 365 can be a time-consuming task. But with outsourced cloud management services from Technetics Consulting, you can make sure routine administrative duties are taken care of by experts – without overworking your current employees or hiring new staff.

Microsoft 365 & Azure Monitoring

At Technetics Consulting, we allow our customers to move past the “break-fix” scheme of IT management. Our expert consultants can monitor your cloud computing environments on Office 365 and Azure to ensure the health of your systems – and identify potential glitches, errors, and other issues before they become a major issue.

Microsoft 365 & Azure Security

Cloud security is a big concern for business stakeholders. While the Office 365 and Microsoft Azure platforms are secure by design, our team at Technetics Consulting can monitor your cloud applications, network, and IT infrastructure to look for security issues, vulnerabilities, and other hazards – and fix them to protect your data and your corporate reputation.

Microsoft 365 & Azure Backup

Cloud backup services are essential for your business. Without regular, routine backups, you could be at risk of catastrophic data loss due to hardware or software failure, an unexpected data loss event, or a breach from hackers. As part of our managed cloud computing services, we will regularly protect and backup your data from Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Teams Implementation & Management

Our Microsoft-focused cloud services include management and setup of Microsoft Teams, which is an increasingly-popular business communication software from Microsoft that integrates document collaboration, text chat/telepresence, voice, and video calls into a single package. You can trust us to implement Teams properly for your company – empowering your employees to work more efficiently.

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Services

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) runs on Microsoft Azure, and is available with any Microsoft 365 license. This service lets you run multiple “virtual” PCs on the cloud, which is a powerful tool for your developers and employees. From initial setup to maintenance and administration of WVD environments, Technetics Consulting makes it simple to take advantage of the power of Windows Virtual Desktop.

Get The Cloud Services You Need For Your Business From Technetics Consulting

With the right cloud computing solution, you can enjoy better day-to-day productivity, reliable server infrastructure, and backups that will allow for simple disaster recovery and business continuity planning.

So don’t wait. If you’re interested in the benefits of cloud environments for your Melbourne business or at your business anywhere else in Australia, contact our managed service provider now – and see how managed cloud services from Technetics Consulting can benefit you and your company’s stakeholders.


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