Top 5 IT Services Every Melbourne Business Needs



IT services and advanced technologies are essential elements of success for modern businesses, helping them to outpace the competition with improved operations. From software installation to system monitoring and hardware maintenance, specialist IT support can guarantee powerful performance; keeping systems running smoothly, minimising downtime risks, while also taking data security seriously – an absolute must-have in today’s increasingly digital world. … Read More

Why Managed IT Services are Essential for Modern Businesses


Businesses nowadays heavily rely on technology to operate efficiently. This is where managed IT services step in. They offer an array of critical IT components, from communication and collaboration tools to data storage and security, to help businesses run smoothly. However, managing these components seems daunting for businesses without a dedicated IT team. Managed IT services involve hiring a third-party … Read More

How to Plan a Successful Migration to Sharepoint: A Step-by-Step Guide



Using SharePoint can unlock new levels of collaboration, security, and innovation with your business. However, a successful transition to this cloud platform requires careful planning in order to prevent complications.  This is a comprehensive guide on the steps you should take when looking to make the move to SharePoint. We will cover how to manage access permissions and data consistency. … Read More

How does the 3cx phone system work?


3cx Phone System

A 3CX Phone System is a software-based phone system that allows businesses to make and receive calls using an internet connection. Equipped with a range of capabilities to enhance productivity and communication, it is a flexible and affordable substitute to conventional PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems. This guide will explain more about what a 3CX Phone System is, how it … Read More

Cyber security tips for your digital business


Safeguard your online business against cyber attacks

Cyber hacking events in Australia in 2022 reminded us just how important it is to have stringent cybersecurity measures that are updated on an ongoing basis. Major businesses holding sensitive customer data were hacked, and information was released on the dark web. Businesses impacted in the separate attacks, including Optus and Medibank, went into damage control to do their best … Read More

What are the Essential Eight Security Guidelines for Businesses


cyber security specialist assessing network for essential eight security compliance

Running a business these days can be challenging. There are numerous things to focus on at once, from keeping websites up and running to ensuring products and services are the best. Add to that, you need to protect your company’s confidential data. With maintaining security being one of the most important jobs for any company, it’s a good idea to … Read More

Advantages of end-to-end managed IT services that drive business growth


IT services can be a critical part of a business, but managing them can be a challenge. One way to do this is by taking advantage of end-to-end managed IT services. Many successful businesses have chosen end-to-end managed IT services to get the help they needed to achieve their primary business goal. End-to-end managed service providers can deliver all of … Read More

Are Managed IT Services the Right Choice for your Business?


Making the decision to shift IT services to external management is often difficult for small to medium enterprises (SMEs). If you are a SME business owner or manager, you aren’t alone if you’re wondering if outsourced IT services are the right choice for your business. Will it cost you less, or more? Will it make work life easier for you … Read More

Managed IT services: Top reasons behind the rise in 2022

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Managed IT Services is a growing industry. The global managed services market size is predicted to reach USD 267.35 billion in 2022, and with the growth rate of the Australian IT Services Market currently at 9.2%, it’s estimated the value of the Australia Market will be $44.3 Billion by 2025. Despite predicted growth, it’s not necessarily smooth sailing for managed … Read More