Microsoft Office has been a staple of corporate IT networks for decades now. Just about every business uses or has used Microsoft Office at some point in their existence. Microsoft 365 is one of the growing numbers of cloud services that the software giant now supplies to businesses. Taking their suite of office software into the cloud has provided businesses with an anywhere, anytime solution to all their core software needs.

Just as the Microsoft Office suite was essential for businesses in the 90s and noughties, microsoft 365 apps are similarly important to companies today. From your initial office 365 setup to the migration of your existing office 365 services to a new network, Technetics is on hand to provide vital support.


Every growing business will want to update and upgrade their IT infrastructure at some point. The good news is that you can migrate all of your microsoft 365 business data and office 365 services from your old system to a new one. Unfortunately, things don’t always go as smoothly as you might hope.

We offer a comprehensive office 365 migration service, helping clients to transfer data between networks and systems. Some businesses haven’t updated their office apps since Microsoft rebranded them as microsoft office 365. No matter how old your previous version of office is, we will assist you in moving as much of your data as possible to the latest version.


One of the main benefits to cloud based software solutions is that administrators can manage them from anywhere. Technetics will provide your business with any advice and guidance you need in setting up and managing your office 365 plan.

Microsofts’ sharepoint online facilitates collaboration between different teams within your company, allowing for robust decision-making even when your team can’t be in the same room as one another. We can help you set up Sharepoint Online and advise you on how to get the most out of it as a collaborative tool.


Through our office 365 business monitoring service, we can report back to you on numerous useful metrics. Wherever there are issues with performance or technical issues, our monitoring makes it easy to pin down the root of the problem and address it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

If you are using skype for business for internal or external communications, you want to be sure that the video and audio quality is as good as it can be. Technical issues with skype can hinder communication between your staff and will reflect poorly on your business when talking to clients. Many businesses have teams using Skype on both desktops and mobile devices, each of which can suffer from separate technical issues. Technetics monitoring service enables us to diagnose and resolve any technical problems as rapidly as possible.


If you are processing sensitive corporate or personal data through Microsoft 365 apps, security should be a top priority. Microsoft 365 business premium comes with numerous security and compliance features. But if you don’t have experience with using these features to secure important data, it’s easy to overlook vital functions.

Any business that is utilising cloud storage to store sensitive or personal data has an ethical and legal responsibility to make sure that data is appropriately protected. Technetics can assist you in auditing the security of your office 365 enterprise setup, and help you patch any gaps in your current security arrangements. We can also configure your azure active directory to ensure that appropriate access permissions and authentication is in place.

Microsoft exchange online is a hosted messaging solution that is superseding Outlook as an enterprise email solution for many businesses Technetics migration services cover the transfer of data from Outlook to Exchange. Once you have moved all your important emails and contacts from Outlook to Exchange, we can then assist you with setting up the appropriate security protocols so that all your business communications are kept private and secure.


Any business using Microsoft 365 apps for their office and administrative work needs to maintain regular backups. Data loss can occur for a variety of reasons; from hardware failure to cyberattacks, any system will suffer data loss if given enough time. But if you have up-to-date backups available, you can mitigate the damage your business suffers as a result.

Technetics can configure your system so that there are multiple redundancies in place, and the impacts of any data losses you suffer will be minimal. Live data backups mean that you can rapidly restore any lost data without disrupting your operations.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has been an essential tool for many businesses since the 2020 pandemic, during which the number of daily team users increased by 70% in a single month. While not all of those users are new users, it is a testament to the potential of Microsoft Teams in enabling businesses to adapt to remote working setups.

If your business is one of the many now preparing to make temporary remote working arrangements permanent, Technetics can get you set up with Microsoft Teams.

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