Prevent your organisation’s sensitive data ending up on the dark web and protect against threats. Every day, thousands of email addresses, passwords, breached credentials, intellectual property and other sensitive information is shared and sold by malicious actors operating on the dark web.

At Technetics Consulting, our dark web monitoring services discover whether your organisation’s sensitive information has ended up on dark web markets so you can take action before cybercriminals do. With 24/7 automated and manual monitoring, our solution ensures you have the highest level of protection against dark web threats.


Our dark web monitoring tools continuously trawl the dark web in real time for relevant information about your organisation. Millions of dark web sites are proactively monitored for specific information like email addresses or general information like a company’s name. Cybercriminals utilise information found on the dark web for a range of attacks including:

  • Ransomware
  • Phishing
  • Spoofing
  • Targeted attacks (e.g. DDos
  • Breaches using exposed credentials

When a threat is discovered, users can create alerts that notify relevant team members so they can take immediate steps to minimise further breaches and threats (e.g. change passwords). Our team will monitor, triage and escalate these alerts to ensure threats receive an appropriate response.


Our expert security consultants quickly uncover whether your sensitive information is in dark web markets, data dumps and other sources, reducing risk for your business and alerting you to immediate threats and vulnerabilities.

  • COMPREHENSIVE DATA - Round-the-clock machine and human data monitoring and analysis helps find compromised credentials fast.
  • EASY INTEGRATION - Offers the convenience of integrating into your existing ticketing and CRM platforms to speed up alerting and mitigation processes.
  • FAST DEPLOYMENT - Set up automated dark web monitoring in minutes and get to work immediately using SaaS or API options with no extra software or hardware needed.

Prevent further breaches and cyber security threats with efficient dark web monitoring services backed up by comprehensive and fast-acting mitigation strategies.


By actively protecting against data breaches, you can prevent sensitive information being stolen and leaked, causing financial and reputational harm. Monitoring activity on the dark web can also tip off if your organisation is currently under attack, has already been attacked or is exposed to some other activity that poses a threat, such as a breach at one of your suppliers or if any company information has been revealed in a data dump.

Cybercriminals commonly discuss existing software vulnerabilities that have not been ethically reported or for which patches are not commonly available or used. Discussions on dark web forums include information on how a vulnerability works and how vulnerabilities can be exploited in cyber attacks. Dark web monitoring helps determine whether your organisation is at risk from such vulnerabilities and takes steps to manage them.

Cybercrime is an increasingly service-based economy with cybercriminals offering tools, malware or bespoke attacks for sale. By monitoring current offerings, organisations can get advance warning of upcoming threats. The detailed understanding of the threat landscape through constant dark web monitoring provides ongoing insights that help to strengthen your cyber security systems and ensure they dynamically respond to current and future threats.


Any organisation is a target for cybercriminals due to the value of sensitive information like customer data and financial information. For example, some SMEs assume they're not on the radar of cybercriminals. However, they are common targets due to the relatively low level of cyber security defences and measures they have in place compared to larger organisations. Cybercriminals seek to steal and sell:

  • Customer data
  • Credit card information
  • Financial transactions
  • Bank account information
  • Leaked emails
  • User credentials

Cyber criminals cash in by using the dark web to sell stolen company information and happily invest time and energy breaking through organisation’s cyber security defences.


Technetics has extensive experience providing IT security services to organisations across Australia. Our dark web monitoring services provide visibility into threats that traditional security tools are not able to discover. It’s just one of the many cyber security solutions we can deploy for your organisation to ensure comprehensive protection and vigilance against cyber threats.


To find out more or to schedule a demo, get in touch with the team at Technetics. We’ll answer any questions you have and guide you through the process of getting started. Contact us online or call us on 1300 853 453.


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