Around 90% of cybersecurity breaches involve human error from someone within an organisation. This makes security awareness training for employees as essential as firewalls and anti-malware programs. Many organisations focus their efforts on the technology aspect of cybersecurity. However, most successful hacks involve manipulating people rather than defeating cybersecurity measures. It’s a devastatingly effective approach to breaking into otherwise highly secure networks.

At Technetics Consulting, our security awareness training educates your employees on common IT security threats and how they can play a role in mitigating them. From avoiding malicious links to identifying phishing attempts, reducing cyber risks from human error with our training helps you achieve a truly comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.


Educate and empower employees with training that goes beyond basic instruction, instead providing engaging simulations and activities. By building confidence and developing hands-on experience spotting and avoiding cyber threats, every employee can be part of your security team.

  • Engaging Content - Our platform features intuitive phishing simulation kits, short animated videos and online quizzes ensure that our security training programs are very informative with lessons that stick with employees.
  • Customised Material – Our team will create personalised phishing emails, with domains, links and attachments that mimic industry-specific scams and threats to improve training effectiveness.
  • User-Friendly - Personalised, user-friendly portals make security training painless, convenient and accessible for every employee no matter how tech-averse they are.
  • Always Current – Fresh phishing kits and videos are released monthly to reflect the ever changing threat landscape and keep your employees up with the latest in cybersecurity risks.

Security and compliance has never been easier with automated training campaigns and reporting. Our security awareness training gets results and can be crafted to fit any organisation and budget.


Cybercriminals know getting past humans is easier than getting past cybersecurity programs. That’s why phishing emails are still the number one way to deliver viruses, ransomware and other types of malware. This includes tactics like spoofing an email from a person within their organisation or threats and emotional appeals, such as an email that warns an account is about to be shut down if they don’t update a password.

If your employees know how to spot a phishing email, they’ll be far less likely to click on a malicious link or accidentally download a dangerous attachment and infect your network with malware. Well-trained employees strengthen your cyber security defences and drastically reduce the chances of disaster.


Breaches and other cybersecurity incidents can be costly and take time to resolve before normal business operations and activity can continue. When employees are familiar with cybersecurity principles and understand their role in identifying risks and keeping a business secure, the likelihood of a successful cyberattack is much lower, ensuring critical business systems always remain functional.

Cybersecurity incidents can do untold damage to your organisation’s reputation, especially when they involve breaches to sensitive information about customers or other businesses. Consumers are increasingly aware of and concerned about cybersecurity risks. Customers and businesses alike will often discontinue relationships with organisations following a data breach or lose trust and confidence in them.


Technetics has extensive experience providing tailored, comprehensive cyber security services to organisations across Australia. From employee cyber security awareness training to dark web monitoring, incident response, penetration testing and more, we help your organisation stay vigilant and protect against breaches and cyber attacks. Our quality training minimises the fear and uncertainty of common cybersecurity threats, providing you with a more confident, skilled and knowledgeable workforce.


Equip your employees to quickly identify and handle cybersecurity risks as they arise with our security awareness training. To find out more or to schedule a demo, get in touch with the team at Technetics. Contact us online or call us on 1300 853 453.


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