We are a group of people very passionate about what we do and are always looking for bright, self-motivated and full of energy individuals to join our vibrant and exciting team. At Technetics we have three core values which all our staff embody.

Our Structure

Technetics has a relatively flat organisational structure which helps us to adapt and work dynamically in the technology sector. We work on the basis of offering everyone the training and support required to develop and flourish in a small but extremely fast-paced and often challenging business environment.


A company wide meeting is called every three months to discuss the strategic direction of the business as well as a progress report from the previous meeting to demonstrate how we are tracking according to target.

Technetics has links to Universities and Tafes as we value young minds willing to learn so if you have a year in industry coming up and are not sure where you want your career to go why not start with us and see where it takes you?

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