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It’s impossible to overstate the importance of IT security to modern businesses. Cybercriminals target businesses of every size and type looking to inflict damage, steal data or extract ransoms. Even the smallest businesses need to be wary of potential cyberattacks.

Technetics Consulting in Melbourne has extensive experience providing managed cyber security and IT security services to businesses in various niches. We offer comprehensive and cost-effective cyber security services as part of a broader package of IT management services.

Security Assessment

Every IT security solution begins with an initial assessment by a security analyst. This assessment enables us to identify any gaps in your existing security operations and devise a strategy for defending against cyber attacks before they occur. We provide cyber security solutions for IT and industrial environments.

Security Advisory

The world of cybersecurity moves fast; new cyber security threats are emerging all the time. Technetics provides experienced cyber security staff with an up to date understanding of the field and the latest developments in network and information security.

The best way of testing network security and identifying weak points is through penetration testing. Pen testing is a vital part of the service that cyber security companies offer. It involves deploying a cyber security professionals team in the role of attackers and attacking the network as they would. This approach is the most effective way of getting to grips with your current IT security arrangements.

Our penetration testing service includes both internal and external testing, as well as web application testing. This covers all the most likely points of entry into your network for an attacker.

Risk Management

No matter how diligent you are or what measures you put in place, you can never reduce your networks’ security risk and cloud security to zero. For one thing, people maintain and operate your IT systems; people are always a security risk. Cybercriminals can defeat even the most robust digital & IT security with sophisticated social engineering.

Cyber security risk management is about identifying those inherent risks and devising strategies to mitigate them. This process begins with a cyber risk assessment, which will identify and define these risks. Once we have defined the risks, we can come up with a cyber security incident response plan for each one.


It’s no good putting rigorous security procedures in place if you can’t rely upon your staff to stick to them. Compliance is all about making sure that your team can understand the policies you have put in place and that they can and will follow them.

Security Awareness Training

Most successful hacks today involve manipulating people rather than defeating cybersecurity measures; social engineering is a devastatingly effective approach to breaking into secure networks. Security awareness training will educate your employees on the most common IT security threats and how they can play a role in mitigating them.

Dark Web Monitoring

Whenever you hear about hackers stealing sensitive personal data from businesses or organisations, you can be sure that it will end up on the dark web. Criminals package this data up and sell it on to fraudsters using dark web marketplaces.

Technetics dark web monitoring service with the help of certified ethical hackers will alert you as soon as sensitive data or credentials relating to your business appear on one of these marketplaces.

24/7 Managed Services

Cyberattacks can happen at any time. Asking your employees to be on call 24/7 can seriously disrupt their work-life balance. Technetics are there to provide cyber security consulting for you whenever you need us. Our IT security operations centre is always online and ready to respond to any security threats as they arise.

IT Security Incident & Event Management

By logging and monitoring data in real-time, we can immediately identify and respond to IT security incidents while also gathering pertinent data for subsequent analysis.

Threat Hunting

Technetics’ cyber threat hunting service enables us to root out any malware, viruses, and other threats present on your network and neutralise them before they can cause problems.

Managed Firewall

Your network firewall is your first line of defence against cyber crime and cyber threats. Firewalls provide the most basic defensive measures, preventing any old device from connecting to your network. Technetics can manage and configure your firewall for you.

Email Filtering & Security

Phishing attacks are one of the most common cyber attack vectors cybercriminals use today. Implementing basic email filtering will prevent all but the most sophisticated phishing attacks. Our security awareness training will take care of the rest.

Web Filtering & Security

By blocking access to known malicious domains, you can prevent your staff from inadvertently accessing or downloading malicious code onto your systems.

Point to Point Solutions

Every security tool and service that we offer addresses a specific cybersecurity need. This approach means that we can address any cyber threats directly.
Techentics provides comprehensive cybersecurity as part of our full range of managed IT services. We will keep your network and data safe from all threats. Contact us today to discuss your IT security needs and arrange a consultation.


What is data breach in cyber security?

A data breach is an incident where information is stolen from a system without the owner's knowledge or permission. A small business or large organization may experience a data breach.

What is data security and privacy?

Data security protects data from unauthorised access by external attackers and malware or malicious cyber activity. Data privacy is the set of rules governing how data is collected, used, and shared.

What is multi factor authentication cyber security?

Multifactor authentication (MFA) is a layered approach to securing data by requiring a user to present a variety of different credentials to prove their identity before they're allowed access to a resource.

What are the different roles of the Australian Cyber Security Centre?

The role of the ACSC is to lead the Australian Government's operational responses to cyber security incidents and organize the national cyber security operations and resources. It also includes raising the awareness of the levels of cyber threats to Australia.

What is Australia's cyber security strategy?

A cyber security strategy is a high-level plan for securing your organization's assets during the next three or five years. Because technology and cyber threats can change unpredictably, you're likely to need to update your strategy earlier than three years from now, even if you don't think so right now.


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