IT communication is vital for the workflow of companies. Emerging technologies constantly offer new ways for businesses to reduce costs, increase flexibility and streamline operations. The 3CX phone system allows you to have a full-featured phone system that includes call queues, built-in video calls, web conferencing and more. All of these features can be used remotely via mobile and browser apps. 3CX is also scalable, easy to manage, affordable and compatible with popular IP phones and SIP trunks, making it an ideal solution for growing businesses.

How Does the 3CX Phone System Work?

3CX is an open-platform phone system that offers complete unified communications out of the box. This means you can use one system to efficiently manage calls, set up queues and respond to customer messages and requests from multiple channels and platforms, including Facebook, SMS and website live chat. 3CX can be set up for use on-premise or be hosted in the cloud. Remote work is made easy by simply using office extensions on iOS and Android apps.

Whether you’re using the web client, smartphone app, Windows app or a desk phone, 3CX provides one place for all business communication. Colleagues, clients or customers can all use the tools provided by 3CX to collaborate, call, chat and more. Co-workers can sync up to increase efficiency and productivity in the office as well as benefiting from inbuilt contact centre tools to greater customer satisfaction.

Key Features of the 3CX Phone System

A 3CX phone system replaces traditional PBX (private branch exchange) hardware with the IP PBX, making unified communications and calls easier. Features include:

  • Web video conferencing
  • Call queuing
  • Call logging
  • Call pop-ups
  • Call recording
  • Screen sharing
  • Remote assistance
  • Instant messaging
  • CRM integration
  • Voice traffic encryption via SRTP
  • Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Voice mails forwarded to inbox
  • Automated backup
  • Automated restore
  • Automatic generation and
    management of SSL certificates
What are the Key Benefits of the 3CX Phone System
  • 3CX cloud telephony eliminates phone cables and hardware, facilitating remote work, hot-desk and telework.
  • The self-service user portal in the 3CXPhone allows users to configure their office extension by themselves, eliminating costly telecom consultants.
  • The web-based management console allows users to install and manage the system quickly and effectively.
  • With a 3CX phone system, you can receive and make calls via existing phone lines by using VoIP Gateways.
  • This system allows your staff to use their extension wherever they go, hence increasing mobility.
  • Lower call costs using SIP/VoIP providers
  • Add new staff, set up voicemail and update users in minutes.
  • Flexible inbound/outbound rules, DIDs and ring groups.
Streamline Business Operations

Implementing a 3CX phone system is quite easy to install and can streamline business operations in multiple ways:

  1. Reduce Costs - The 3CX phone system uses SIP trunks in its call setup. You can easily plug them into the PBX (private branch exchange) without any manual configuration. With that in mind, you can avoid paying for any unused capacity. This helps reduce overall costs.
  2. Boost productivity - Having a system such as 3CX in your organisation enables your team to improve communication, productivity and collaborative working. Features such as web video conferencing, screen sharing, call reporting and instant messaging enable your staff to work more efficiently.
  3. Increase Mobility - Transparent communication and collaboration are one of the key features of any successful business. Features such as call recording, screen sharing, and web conferencing, among others simplify transparent communication among teams as well as allowing them to work from anywhere.
  4. Ease of Use - The 3CX phone system is an intuitive, user-friendly platform. Implementing 3CX doesn’t require extensive training. The transition will be seamless for your team.
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At Technetics, we provide 3CX support and 3CX installations to Australian businesses of all sizes, helping them boost productivity and efficiency. If you’re interested in implementing the 3CX phone system for your organisation, get in touch with the team at Technetics on 1300 853 453. One of our specialists will be delighted to provide advice on the next steps.


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The 3CX Phone system is a powerful and feature-rich communication solution that enables businesses to streamline their phone operations using VoIP technology.

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