Resourcing Services


Most businesses today have a need for IT support but cannot afford the luxury of employing personnel on a full or even part-time basis. Many large businesses are outsourcing their IT departments to specialised companies to improve efficiencies and save money. Technetics can provide IT resourcing options for both long-term work as well as filling short-term and interim gaps in unforeseen circumstances. You are assured a professional and skill-competent service catered to your requirements.

Engage the right IT resource and expertise with the right skills and role – Our team has the right resources to take care of your work load – from intern to a top-level manager.


Can’t decide whether to hire a permanent placement or contractor? Have a chat to us about the pros and cons of both, and the options available to you. We’re the experts in the field and understand the unique requirements of IT resourcing in the Asia Pacific market. The right person for you is never too far away.

  • Digital Technologies
  • Change Management Consultancy
  • Programme/Project Management
  • Service Support
  • Networking & Telecoms
  • Security
  • Software Development, Design & Testing
  • Infrastructure
  • ETL & Business Intelligence
  • Analysis across Business, Process, Systems and Data
  • Data Management & Analytics

Are you looking for a highly skilled staff and talented resources to join your organisation on a temporary basis? Maybe just someone to help you get a project across the line? Or need additional cover to help backfill when your permanent staff are on leave? Well look no further. Our technology resourcing division is able to offer a wide range of highly and experienced trained resources; from PMs to Engineers to Application Developers. They sit on our payroll so you only pay for what you need. Let us take care of the resourcing with project managers so you can get that project completed on time. Get in touch with us for all your IT resourcing needs.


Managed services vs. Outsourcing: What’s the difference?

When you outsource, you choose specific services from an outside company and ask them to help address specific business issues. On the other hand, managed services take a much more holistic, comprehensive approach to providing excellence in information technology services.

How does technology help outsourcing?

It’s expensive to invest in the latest technology and train your employees to use it. With new equipment and technologies being introduced so frequently, companies don’t have enough time to amortise their costs, because of shorter payments by the client-side. Businesses have realised that IT outsourcing can help them keep up with technological change.

How outsourcing helps your business needs?

Outsourcing processes can help companies save money and cut expenses in long and short terms. It allows companies to keep their overhead costs under control while also growing their business at the same time. That is why outsourcing is the perfect solution for any business or employer.

What is the meaning of outsourced candidate?

RPO(Recruitment process outsourcing) involves an employer turning the responsibility of recruiting potential candidates over to a third-party service provider.

How do you determine IT resourcing needs?

Here are five tips to help you identify which resources are most appropriate for your project.

  • Know what work is needed
  • Make sure you plan ahead
  • Confirm resource availability
  • Check their skills
  • Remember to book equipment

What is on-demand Business outsourcing?

On-demand outsourcing refers to the practice or business demand of shifting major internal operations processes of an organization to a third party that is paid for by transaction volume.

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