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Honesty is measured in terms of the relationship of trust we have with our customers. Our proposals represent a breakthrough value proposition with an honest and fair charge for the work proposed presented in a clear and upfront manner.

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Our team will always represent the pride we have in the quality and integrity of the work we do. We seek feedback from our clients and our people to ensure our processes and tools are the best possible to meet the values and standards of our Brand.


Technetics is a quality focused organisation underpinned by a process of Continuous Improvement. All our processes are completed with a final review step where we will reflect on the task completed and measure the quality of our output.


Technetics is a unique IT company who since its very beginnings in 2003 has fulfilled a niche in the rapidly growing IT industry. We have grown as a leader in offering intelligent IT solutions to small, medium and corporate businesses in a wide range of industry sectors. To date we have built a vast portfolio of loyal customers that depend on our expertise to conduct their core business functions. We constantly reach new heights in both customer service and service delivery which have been recognised by a number of industry bodies. Our unique blend of leading edge solutions has enabled our customers to concentrate on their core business while our technical expertise has streamlined their existing IT infrastructure. Technetics is Melbourne based and is a 100% Australian owned and operated company.



From early in our company’s establishment, Technetics identified a lack of expert IT solutions offered to small, medium and corporate businesses. We found many did not have access to specialist IT professionals as such resources were only available to large corporations with multi-million-dollar IT budgets. Many businesses engaged poorly trained and/or inexperienced consultants who cost the company a lot of money in the long run due to mis-configuration of their IT infrastructure.

Through us, our clients have access to some of the best trained and most experienced professionals in the industry at a fraction of the cost. Our experienced and knowledgeable team of account managers, engineers and customer service staff will be an invaluable asset to your business. For more detailed information about our services and solutions visit the “What We Do” section of this website.


Immediately after entering the data industry we discovered that due to the huge price tags offered by other data recovery companies, data recovery solutions were not feasible for SME’s and non commercial customers. We were, and remain to date, one of the few companies offering “no data no charge” for its data recovery work. Our reasoning still remains “why pay for no data”. To date we have recovered terabytes of data for Australia’s top 100 blue chip companies as well as a unique blend of individuals throughout the world. Due to the development of this division we deliver these services and solutions through our partner company Technetics Data Recovery.


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