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Azure is one of the most popular cloud solutions on the market; it has really come into its own since the 2020 covid-19 pandemic. As a cloud platform, Azure offers significant agility and flexibility, especially compared to many competing cloud environments. It is a powerful tool, especially now that so many businesses have had to embrace remote working arrangements.

But getting the most out of Azure can be tricky if you don’t have any experience with public cloud platforms. Technetics provides a fully managed service for Azure; we can take charge of setting up and maintaining your Azure environments, managed applications, and other Azure-based cloud services.


Migrating to Azure should be a painless process, but it can be trying if you’ve never attempted it before. As a Microsoft certified managed service provider, we can rapidly assess your business’s needs and conduct a thorough technical assessment. This initial process enables us to produce a roadmap for your azure migration that prioritises cost-effectiveness without compromising the results.

Choosing the right Azure environment is integral to a successful migration. With Technetics’ knowledge and experience providing azure management services, we know intuitively how best to get you up and running on Microsoft azure as quickly and painlessly as possible.


Whether you are new to azure cloud services or you have been using azure solutions for some time, having your apps and services on azure managed by Technetics will maximise the benefits. We have provided managed azure solutions for a variety of businesses; we know how to maximise your investment in azure cloud operations.

Remote working is on the rise and looks set to become the norm. For many businesses, adapting to this new world requires a complete digital transformation strategy. Technetics is on hand to guide your business through this process and ensure that you make the most of the cloud operations that Azure supports. Our experience enables us to smoothly integrate Azure’s hybrid cloud capabilities into your existing operational infrastructure.


As part of our Azure management services, we will monitor your setup to keep track of exactly what is happening in each of your Azure environments and what your resource usage looks like. Real-time monitoring will alert us to any technical issues and enable us to respond as rapidly as possible.

To get the most out of Azure, you should combine it with other managed cloud solutions; Azure slots easily into these multiplatform setups. However, the more systems you link together and the more applications you layer on top of one another, the more likely it is that something will go wrong. Our monitoring service will identify as soon as any part of your setup begins to slow down or conflicts arise.

By logging critical performance metrics, we can subsequently perform a detailed analysis of your system’s performance and how your setup copes under load. This data enables us to establish an optimisation plan for improving performance and managing available resources more efficiently.


There are a range of security solutions available for Azure; businesses can lock their environments down tight if they know what they are doing. However, deploying these security solutions requires an in-depth knowledge of both Azure and the nature of the security threats Azure users are likely to face.

As well as monitoring your Azure setup for technical issues, we will also remain vigilant of potential security threats. A team of experienced security experts leads Technetics’ detection and response service.

Any infrastructure changes you make can have implications for the security of your Azure setup; we will ensure that these are accounted for during any system overhauls. Our monitoring service will also alert us to any suspicious user or account activity that warrants further investigation.

With Technetics managing your Azure environments, you don’t have to worry about vulnerabilities arising from misconfiguration. This also minimises the potential for application and container-related risks.


Data loss is an inevitability for any system. Given enough time, even the most well-maintained network will experience data loss. Our Azure backup service ensures that your data is safe and secure should the worst occur. For any business relying on Azure as a critical component of its network infrastructure, reliable data backup is vital.

WVD (Windows Virtual Desktop)

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) enables a secure remote work environemnt on any device, anywhere. Reduce your costs by using existing licenses.

Contact us today to arrange a consultation and discuss your cloud ambitions. With Technetics managing and monitoring your Azure setup, there’s no limit to what your business can achieve.

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