Using Windows Virtual Desktop To Work From Home

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Allowing users to work from home can pose a number of challenges for security and compliance, and providing each worker with the secure, high-performance computing environment they need to perform their tasks.

But with virtual desktop infrastructure like Windows Virtual Desktop, you can use Microsoft Azure cloud services to enhance the user experience, enjoy better security, and provide an easy-to-access, cost-effective computing environment to all of your remote workers. Learn more below!

What Is Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD)?

Windows Virtual Desktop is a cloud-based, multi-session Windows 10 implementation. Essentially, it runs multiple virtualised desktops on the powerful Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure.

Instead of each individual having their own desktop environment, WVD hosts multiple operating systems using powerful backend servers. Using a simple client for macOS, HTML5, Android and iOS, workers can access a fully-functional virtualised desktop environment quickly and easily.

Basically, the Windows operating system is hosted on the cloud – rather than on each person’s physical computer. Then, they can use remote access tools to interact with the WVD Windows 10 instance – and get the same user experience they would if they were using a normal Windows computer!

When it comes to desktops and apps, each instance can be set up just like a standard Windows 10 installation, with apps like Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams, and any other programs required for each individual user.

The Benefits Of Windows Virtual Desktop

Why bother setting up Windows Virtual Desktop for remote work? There are a few reasons that this solution may be ideal for your company.

  • Enhanced security – WVD has security benefits like the ability to use Azure AD (Active Directory) to authenticate users, as well as support for multi-factor authentication (MFA), special network security that helps prevent cyber attacks, and much more – keeping your users more secure.
  • No need to send out new computing hardware – You can upgrade a user’s Windows 10 environment at the click of a button – without having to send them a new desktop or laptop. This dramatically simplifies the logistics of IT and remote work, since there is no dramatically reduced need to purchase and distribute new computing equipment.
  • Lower overall costs – Thanks to cloud-based economies of scale and the power of the Microsoft Azure platform, you can enjoy lower overall costs to provide your employees with the computing tools they need.
  • These advantages – simplified logistics, better security, and lower IT costs – combine to make Windows Virtual Desktop a powerful tool for companies that are shifting to a remote work model.

Need Help Getting Set Up? Technetics Consulting Can Help!

If you have Microsoft Office 365 Apps For Enterprise (formerly known as Office 365 ProPlus) at your organisation, you may already be able to use Windows Virtual Desktop at your organization, since you are already using Microsoft Azure for cloud computing.

However, we understand that shifting to a long-term desktop virtualisation strategy can be intimidating and complex. If you need more information about the benefits and process of using Windows Virtual Desktop to work from home, contact Technetics Consulting today. As experts in cloud solutions, we can provide you with the guidance you need – and help you understand what virtual infrastructure is right for your organisation.