IT Solutions To Use When Working From Home

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Remote work can be challenging. Whether you work from home in a home office, or remotely at a coffee shop or another remote work space, it can be harder for you and your employees to stay productive during working hours – particularly if you’ve mostly worked in an office in the past.

So if you’re managing remote workers, it’s important to empower all of your team members – across different locations and time zones – with the tools they need to succeed. Here are a few must-have IT solutions to use when working from home.

1. A VPN For Remote Access To Corporate Networks

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) creates a secure and encrypted connection or “tunnel” that allows remote team members to connect to your enterprise network – while protecting their traffic from snooping and malicious actors.

Using a VPN service, workers can safely access your company’s networks even from completely unsecured networks, such as at a coffee shop, and get the tools, files, and information they need to work effectively while they’re out of the office

2. Microsoft Office 365 For Cloud Collaboration

Microsoft Office Suite has long been the standard for workplace productivity, but with the Office 365 iteration, it’s even easier for your employees to use it online – and track project progress, changes to a document, and other changes in real-time while collaborating with other workers. You could also consider an alternative like Google’s G Suite.

3. Messaging Software Like Slack Or Microsoft Teams

Slack, Microsoft Teams, and other messaging platforms are quickly becoming the “de facto” standard for person-to-person communication, and even communicating between teams. You can set up lots of individual “channels” for users to talk to each other.

From a “water cooler” channel where employees can relax and talk about personal life issues, to individual channels for different departments or teams in your workspace, it’s easy to set up everything you need – and keep your workers in constant communication with one another.

4. Teleconferencing Platforms Like Zoom

Not all work-related issues can be resolved through text-based chat, so Zoom and similar tele-conferencing platforms like GoToMeeting are essential when you need to host face-to-face or voice-based meetings. These platforms are particularly useful for business meetings, daily stand-up meetings, check-ins with individual workers, and other such tasks.

5. Project Management Software Like Asana Or Trello

One of the biggest challenges of remote work is not being able to properly track the progress of different projects and tasks – or not being able to make your remote workers understand what’s expected of them during a work day.

That’s why project management software platforms like Asana and Trello are so useful. These platforms allow you to quickly create and assign tasks, track the progress of each one, manage tasks for multiple teams, and make sure your workers are on track while they work from home.

Implement These Solutions To Succeed While Working Remotely!

Your full-time employees, part-time employees, and contractors need to be empowered with the tools they need to succeed while working remotely. And if you can implement the above suggested tools, you’ll definitely be on the right track. If you need help with implementing cloud solutions and IT services in Melbourne, contact Technetics Consulting online or call 1300 853 453.