Why You Should Hire Technetics for Your IT Support and Management

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When seeking IT Support Services, it’s incredibly important to know you’re doing business with a service provider that’s earned its stripes in the IT service industry.

So much is at stake when your company’s IT is concerned. If something goes wrong, your business operations may be interrupted, and in serious cases, such as cyber security incidents, your business reputation may be jeopardised.

Technetics Consulting has been providing IT Support in Melbourne since 2003 and has grown a vast portfolio of loyal customers. A 100% Australian owned and operated company, we’ve served numerous small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as large corporations. We offer IT solutions that are truly valuable for SMEs that might otherwise not be able to provide the range of solutions they need in-house.

Let’s have a look at why it’s a good idea to hire Technetics to provide your IT support and management services.

Technetics take the pressure off your staff

For many SMEs, outsourcing IT services is the logical option. Whilst it’s a nice notion to have your own onsite IT infrastructure and IT Support team, these days it’s rarely necessary. With cloud services available, fewer businesses need to own and maintain costly IT servers. This means they also don’t need as many (if any) IT staff onsite. This can greatly reduce recruitment and labour costs for a business.

If your business does retain some IT staff onsite, outsourcing some of your IT support to an external provider means your existing staff can focus on other concerns, like project work for example.

Technetics offer 24/7 service

Having onsite IT staff is nice for relationship building (that friendly face at the IT service desk is very comforting to onsite staff), but it’s not necessary. An external provider can offer equally friendly and helpful service to your employees, with the added bonus of being available at all hours.

Technetics’ IT professionals are available 24/7 via our IT service desk. Your staff can get in touch via email, phone, online chat or dedicated client portal, which means if one method of contact fails due to an outage, there are still other options available for support.

Technetics specialists have the relevant know-how

In respect to keeping a finger on the pulse, internal staff can let their skills drop, or get out of step with what’s going on in the industry. This is not necessarily through any failure on their part, but rather, there’s an endless number of tasks they need to complete in order to meet SLAs, and they lack time to upskill.

At Technetics, our team of IT professionals are endlessly developing skills, via working for numerous businesses across a range of industries, gaining certifications, and skill sharing.

Over time our professionals have encountered many different systems and gained knowledge of how these systems best operate. When our specialists step into your workplace (either literally or virtually), they already have experience with the systems your business uses, and because they are a pool of specialists focussed on IT solutions only, they are endlessly upskilling and knowledge-sharing.

In addition, as a company with many IT professionals at hand, we can send the most appropriate specialists to the job.

The benefits to your enterprise of having this up-to-date industry knowledge are:

  • Technetics specialists will be able to spot issues your onsite IT staff may fail to notice, or have insufficient time to address.
  • Technetics specialists have up-to-the-minute knowledge of the latest cyber security threats, and can quickly identify how your business could be impacted.
  • Technetics specialists have a variety of IT solutions up their sleeves that will fix issues, and make your lives easier.

Technetics have procurement down pat

When it comes to procuring IT products and services, it can be difficult to know where to turn. If your business takes on the task of IT procurement, it may take a long time to meet with the numerous vendors out there and negotiate best pricing. It can be hard to know you’re purchasing the right products, that the products you’re purchasing are of the best quality, and that you will receive them in a timely manner.

Technetics has connections with many of the best IT product and service providers in Melbourne. We know who is reliable and we’re able to access competitive pricing, which we pass on to you. This means you wait as little time as possible for receipt of new hardware and software, and you can get moving with deployment sooner.

Technetics can assist with project support

You may have your own onsite IT specialists who handle your IT support needs, but when it comes to delivering a large project, you may find your existing staff may be stretched to manage BAU tasks and project work at the same time.

In such circumstances, Technetics can send in a team to assist you on your project. Whether it be just one extra IT professional, or a whole team of specialists, we can help. (We can also offer IT Project Management Services for those businesses who would prefer to outsource their PMO.)

Technetics are IT security experts
With cyber criminals perpetually finding new ways to inflict damage, steal data or extract ransoms, it’s essential your business, no matter its size, has comprehensive cybersecurity measures in place.

However it’s a tall order for most businesses in Australia. According to a 2020-2021 Australian Cyber Security Centre report, 97% of Australian businesses have fewer than 20 staff members, leaving few resources available to provide constant vigilance on cyber security matters.

It can be a challenge for an onsite IT team to have a full picture of the risks their business faces. They may have many tasks and projects to complete internally, and only a small amount of time to focus on IT security. They also may not be able to identify new threats as they arise.

This is explained in the same report, which concluded that small and medium sized businesses in Australia ‘face significant barriers when attempting to implement good cyber security practices. These barriers include a lack of dedicated staff with an IT security focus, the complex field of cyber security, challenges in understanding and implementing security measures, underestimating the risk and consequences of a cyber incident, and a gap in planning for, and responding to, cyber incidents.’1

Outsourcing your IT security to an external provider, like Technetics, is a simple way to get a handle on cyber security quickly. Technetics IT professionals are up to speed on the latest in cyber security, and know how to protect businesses, large and small, from cyber attack.

Technetics will conduct a security assessment of your business, identify gaps that leave you exposed to cybersecurity attacks, and based on our expertise in the latest developments in network and information security, will create an effective cybersecurity strategy to defend your business from cyber attacks.

We also conduct penetration testing, dark web monitoring, and security awareness training, amongst other measures, as part of our overall IT security services package. (IT security services come as part of our broader package of IT management services.)

Technetics are Microsoft cloud services specialists

Microsoft cloud services are a popular and reliable IT solution for many businesses across the globe, however there can still be reluctance within some organisations to make the transition to the cloud.

Technetics are experts in Microsoft cloud services, and can make your lives easier by assisting with all aspects of implementation and management of Microsoft 365 cloud applications and the Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure. We can also support your staff, via our IT Support, with any questions they may have about using these services.

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For a comprehensive IT Support and Management package, look no further than Technetics. Whether you need IT Support in Melbourne or beyond, we have the expertise and experience your business needs to obtain reliable and high quality IT Support.
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1 https://www.cyber.gov.au/sites/default/files/2020-07/ACSC%20Small%20Business%20Survey%20Report.pdf