IT security review is a collaborative process used to identify security-related issues, determine the level of risk associated with those issues and make informed decisions about risk mitigation or acceptance. An IT security review should be completed for all services before the go live date. Security reviews can also be performed for existing services, typically in response to security concerns or new security related requirements.


The starting point is to identify some critical points by asking the following:

Every organisation must identify the relevant threats, their motivations and how they operate to understand how to combat these threats.

Critical data that underpins the business has value on the criminal market for many uses, therefore, understanding the value of that data provides an insight into how attackers may want to exploit that data.

All businesses need to know what security controls provide the best protection against the identified threats.This then allows the organisation to develop their IT security strategy to deliver cyber resilience.


There are number of steps involved in preparing a IT security review:

  • Involve all the relevant stake holders in the review meeting
  • Brainstorm to identify known or potential security concerns
  • Identify existing and planned mitigations for each issue
  • Rank likelihood of each security concern occurring
  • Specify the impact if they were to occur
  • Document the agreed security review and advise on action plan


  • Prioritised list of the key threat to your business
  • Benchmarking data against other businesses in your industry
  • Maturity scoring of your security controls and an agreed maturity score
  • Security roadmap to improve your maturity including quick resolutions and initiatives

We live in a world that is connected all the time where Intellectual Property could be exposed quite easily. These are real security threats are now one of the major risks faced by businesses.


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