Is 24×7 IT Support Necessary For A Business

Zoran TasevskiGeneral

If you’re looking to hire an outsourced IT company to help with your IT support, you may be wondering if you need to look for a partner that offers 24/7 support. Should a small business invest in “around the clock” support? Get more details about 24/7 IT support below, and see why it may be a great choice for your company.

Understanding The Cost Of Downtime At Your Small Business

One of the most important aspects of 24/7 IT support is that it allows you to minimize unexpected downtime – failures of your critical IT systems. And this is a big deal. It’s estimated that small businesses can lose between $137 and $427 USD per minute of unexpected downtime, though this can vary depending on your industry and the size of your business.

If you don’t have 24/7 IT support, you may be stuck waiting until the next business day to get help for your issue – which could result in steep losses, dissatisfied customers, and a variety of other issues. For this reason alone, 24/7 IT support is highly recommended for most small business owners.

The Benefits Of 24×7 IT Support

There are a lot of key differentiators that make 24/7 IT support a better option than other types of outsourced IT services. Here are just a few of the advantages of choosing to work with a 24/7 partner like Technetics Consulting.

  • Proactive service with rapid response times – Most 24/7 IT support companies offer real-time proactive monitoring of your important IT systems, like your corporate network, web applications, websites, and other such systems. This ensures that if there’s an issue, your IT team can take care of it right away – reducing downtime, and enhancing security and performance.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction – Less downtime of your payment systems, website, and other tech systems can lead to a better overall customer experience – which improves satisfaction with your product or service, and can help you boost profits at your company.
  • Ideal for companies that operate in multiple time zones – If you have an online store and sell items internationally, for example, you may need to get IT support services outside of working hours, since customers in different time zones may be shopping at any time of day.
  • Support outside of work hours – You will have enhanced accessibility to support, and can get answers to IT questions, bring up issues, and work with your IT partners outside of the typical 9-5 shift, which increases convenience. You can usually talk to an IT team member over live chat, email, the phone, or a custom ticketing system – whichever is right for the situation.

Protect Your Business With 24/7 IT Support From Technetics Consulting!

24/7 IT support partners offer excellent customer support for small businesses – ensuring that you get the customer service you need for peace of mind, and to know that your IT systems are running properly.

Need help? Want to protect your business? Technetics Consulting is here to help with managed IT services. We offer flexible, customizable 24/7 IT support for small businesses of all sizes in Australia. To learn more and get started, just contact us online for a free consultation.