Common Challenges with Managed IT Services

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Technology plays an essential role in a business’ day-to-day operations. Cloud computing, especially has made it possible for companies to create in-house apps and custom software solutions that help streamline their processes. Whether it’s cloud-first, cloud-only, or multi-cloud, the use of the cloud to support multiple aspects of a business is evident. Not only that but without cloud adoption, companies have no chance at remaining competitive in this digitally transforming world.

Moving to the digital world without a partner to guide can be challenging to say the least. That’s why a lot of companies are turning to managed service providers (MSPs) to ask for IT support and services. Over half of businesses consider cloud services essential to their future and are looking to invest in managed IT services. But, the high level of adoption and various and unique needs of businesses mean that MSPs face quite a few challenges.

Rapid Changes

The fast-paced digital market and rapid technological changes are among the challenges that worry managed service providers. They need to adapt quickly while also providing the same level of service that will benefit their clients in the long-term. Finding the best solution isn’t always easy or cheap.

A Highly Competitive Market

It’s not an overstatement to say that the managed services market is highly saturated. With so many providers offering similar tools and services, trying to stand out while keeping your prices competitive has become a struggle. Companies have a difficult time finding an MSP business that can offer them the level and service and expertise that they need. With so many options to choose from, they often go for the familiar name, failing to see the benefits that the MSPs struggling to stand out may bring.

Changing Consumer Needs

A lot of business managers today are digitally savvy and well aware of the importance of cloud-based solutions. With this increased awareness, come high expectations regarding the quality of the service they are looking for. But, with the great range of services available on the market, a lot of businesses suffer from the paradox of choice – they postpone making a decision thinking that a better provider is just around the corner.

The Lack of Hands-on Assistance

Not all organizations operate during normal business hours. A hospital, for example, will not close its doors at 5 PM and a problem with one of their systems could endanger its patients. Depending on your organization’s needs, look for a managed service provider that can offer hands-on communication, and assist you when your business needs it the most.

Award-Winning Managed IT Services at Your Disposal

We understand very well how difficult it can be to find a partner that you can trust. With the market changing rapidly and new players emerging, it can be more comfortable to stick with what you already know.

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