The Flexible Ergon Desk Lets Employees Sit, Stand, And Collaborate More Effectively

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Standing desks (and combined sit/stand desks) have become commonplace in the modern workplace, but the adaptable Ergon Desk takes it to the next level, boasting a flexible ergonomic multi-person design with individual seating units that easily adapt to each user.

While traditional cubicles let employees focus on their own jobs, they also tend to restrict the ability to interact effectively with co-workers. The six-person Ergon Desk overcomes this problem by arranging desk units in a circular pattern, with teammates facing each other to facilitate improved collaboration and teamwork. No more walking over to the next cubicle when you wish to confer with a colleague – now you can chat to five others without leaving your chair.

Each desk features touchscreen controls, enabling users to configure settings like desk height and screen viewing angle. During the day, sensors track user behaviour, and the software will recommend alternating between standing and sitting, or taking a rest break when appropriate.

Research has linked health risks to both standing and sitting for extended periods. That’s why it’s beneficial to switch between various positions while working, and also to walk around and stretch your muscles periodically. The Ergon system learns about the habits of each worker, and reacts in a personalised manner to each one, thus helping to improve employee health and boost productivity.

Since multiple users may share the same station, the system remembers the settings for each individual. When a user moves to a new desk they can simply log on and recall their preferred configuration. And the Agile Meeting mode can automatically adjust each unit to the one height for meetings and conferences, ensuring everyone is speaking at the same level.

Designed in Madrid by Pynk Systems, the Ergon Desk also consumes up to 38% less floor space than the equivalent number of traditional employee desks, thereby offering more efficient floor utilisation, improved office circulation, more workstations, and increased storage space.

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