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Ruckus Smart Wireless Services

Moving Smart Wi-Fi Into the Cloud

The Ruckus Smart Wireless Services (SWS) portfolio is designed to meet the needs of businesses, public venues, VARs, and service providers for a set of WLAN services that can run in the cloud. These cloud services are designed to enable a variety of valuable services on top of the Smart Wi-Fi infrastructure, truly enabling simply the smartest wireless for a mobile world.


Smart Access Management service

The Smart Access Management service (SAMs) is a hosted public cloud Wi-Fi service. SAMs brings together best-in-class Wi-Fi with cloud computing to simplify the provisioning, management and monetization of public Wi-Fi access.
SAMs combines the components required to run public Wi-Fi access such as WLAN management, authentication server, database server, content control, advertising server and migrates them to the cloud. By doing so, Ruckus simplifies the deployment of public Wi-Fi access and drastically reduces the cost without compromising the features or functionality. Furthermore, with a cloud service, Ruckus has reduced the time it takes to deploy a public Wi-Fi solution and lowers the barrier to entry.


The Ruckus virtual SCG


The vSCG is a key building block in enabling service providers of all types to provide a complete managed service to their customers. This can include management of the access points on the customer’s premises as well as all back-end systems in their data center. One of the most important backend systems is the WLAN controller. The vSCG is a virtualize version of the industry leading SCG-200 that makes use of Network Functions Virtualization to enable MSPs to offer a totally cloud-based service. vSCG can run on either an open-source KVM or VMware hypervisor.


Smart Positioning Technology (SPoT)

Ruckus SPoT™ Smart Positioning Technology the industry’s first cloud-based Smart Wi-Fi location-based services (LBS) technology that gives both service providers and enterprises the ability to deliver a wide-range of value added services that can help them increase their profitability while enhancing users’ online experiences.





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