Is WiFi Service a Burden or an Investment for Your Business?

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“Free WiFi Zone.” You see the sign advertised in the window of a new coffee shop. You’ve got a lot of work to do and you want a change of scenery, so you pack up your laptop and pay them a visit. The coffee is great, but the WiFi service is lousy. In fact, the spotty WiFi service is so poor that you get frustrated and leave, vowing to never shop there again.

If this situation sounds familiar, then you understand first-hand how important it is for a business advertising “Free WiFi” to offer good WiFi. In fact, a customer dissatisfied from their WiFi experience may even argue that, rather than offer terrible WiFi service, it may be better for a business to not offer any WiFi at all.

Unfortunately, businesses offering poor WiFi service to their customers is a far-too-common issue. Why do so many companies feel justified in offering their loyal patrons lousy WiFi service? Perhaps it’s because many businesses view WiFi as a burdensome obligation instead of seeing WiFi as a means to keep their clientele coming back. Therefore, a business may choose to spend the minimum amount of money on Internet service and equipment, or even throttle their WiFi service, both of which results in a frustrating WiFi experience for the customer.

To be sure, running a business is an expensive venture. As a business owner, you have to make tough decisions about what expenses should and shouldn’t be cut. There are some expenses that you can cut that won’t hurt your bottom line. For example, downgrading from 2-ply to 1-ply bathroom tissue would be an acceptable cut that wouldn’t hurt your bottom line–but it may hurt a few bottoms! On the other hand, making cuts to your company’s WiFi service is a poor money-saving move because unreliable WiFi service may cause your customers to cease doing business with you.

It’s best to think of technology like WiFi as an investment. For a little more money than what you’re currently paying, you can upgrade your WiFi to a faster service plan. You can also upgrade your wireless routers to give your patrons an even stronger connection. Technetics can help set up your business with the fastest WiFi signal possible. Give us a call at 1300 853 453 to see how much we can improve your company’s wireless technology!

After you have your company’s WiFi service maxed out, you can now advertise your business as, “Offering the fastest free WiFi service!” It will then be a matter of sitting back and watching tech-loving customers flock to your establishment with their laptops, tablets, smartphones, and cash-filled wallets.

WiFi service is just one example of how technology can change your business for the better when it’s treated like an investment instead of a burden. This principle applies to all of your company’s technology. Whether you’re upgrading your organisation’s IT infrastructure, providing your staff with mobile devices, or upgrading your WiFi service, there’s always a way to approach technology so that it will give you a return on your investment. At Technetics, making technology work for you is what we’re all about. Give us a call at 1300 853 453 to learn more.

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