What Do We Look For?

We have developed our staff intake strategies intensely over that past ten years but essentially it all boils down to some simple rules coupled with a strong induction process and team atmosphere.

We always start with The Person. We have three core values that every current staff member and every potential candidate need to align with:

  • Pride
  • Honesty
  • Improvement

What Is The Process?

All Technetics staff have successfully met the criteria of our three Round hiring process;

Round 1:
Essentially, establishing the candidate’s alignment to the three core values underpin the 1st round of our 3 round interview process. It’s all about getting to know the person we may be working with.

Round 2:
Focuses heavily on the candidate’s ability to be successful in the tasks required for the applied role.
Depending on the role different methodologies are employed in order to determine the candidate’s current skill set. Potential areas for improvement or career progression pathways are also uncovered at this stage.

Round 3:
Consists of documenting and discussing the current skill sets, improvement areas and progression pathways with senior staff in the department the candidate will be working.
Generally at this stage we have two potential candidates therefore we focus on the candidate that most closely aligns to our company or departmental strategy. This stage ensures we pick the candidate which will have the best chance to be successful at Technetics for the long term.
We also create individualised induction manuals and processes using the information collated from our internal Q&A about the candidate.

Top Tips:

  1. Dress Code: We tend to make sure we look as smart as we can while at the office
  2. Don’t Stress, we know interviews can be nerve-wracking
  3. Double check our address, if you get lost do not hesitate to contact the team
  4. Remember the person to ask for (full name) when you get to reception
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