Getting a hosted PBX System is more than just replacing your old system with a new one. Hosted communications lets you take advantage of advanced business phone features on a system that’s both flexible and affordable.


  • Low cost – Secure the most advanced business phone system features without spending a fortune. Say goodbye to costly line rentals and experience big savings by having just one connection for your phones and data.
  • Works with any existing internet connection – Hosted PBX runs on any kind of high speed internet connection. Get consistently clear voice quality whether you have an ADSL, EFM, Fibre, or NBN internet connection.
  • No extension limitation – Scaling up or down is easy with your Hosted PBX System. Add or remove users without any service interruption, no maximum limits. Pay only for the lines you need.
  • Gives full control – Nothing gives the same flexibility as hosted phone services. All features and functions run over the internet, making changes to your service easy to manage and more importantly, quick to apply.
  • 24/7 Monitoring – Leave the heavy lifting to us and enjoy world class customer service. Going hosted means we take care of all the complicated upgrades and maintenance while you focus on the main functions of your business.
  • Keeps employees connected – Enjoy constant connectivity and increased productivity anywhere, anytime. Hosted PBX creates a unified communications solution for multi-site offices, remote staff, and mobile workers. Gain access to your business phone system using any of your preferred mobile devices.
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