To the cloud.... And beyond

When a Business decides to move their Infrastructure to the Cloud it's a conscious decision to modernise the way the organisations IT is managed. We know the importance of a Cloud Solution to you is not just in the technical specs but rather, if the outcome of the Solution will contribute to your business' end goal ...Efficiency, Growth, Modernisation.

Technetics has developed a Cloud Readiness Audit so companies can assess not only what type of Cloud Solution is the best fit for their company but what steps need to be taken so they can achieve it.



Ok, so why the Cloud ?


Cloud Solutions allow your IT Infrastructure to move fluidly, in line with your requirements. This includes not only upscaling but downscaling as needed.

it_budgetIT Budget (OpEx vs CapEx)

Instead of outlaying a large proportion of their IT budget on costly Onsite Infrastructure, clients employ who Cloud Solutions switch this cost to an operational expense.

mobileMobilise your Workforce

Cloud Solutions give your staff the ability to access and edit documents from a variety of web enabled devices on the road or at home, meaning projects no longer have to 'wait until the tomorrow'.

dataSecure Data

Protect your Intellectual Property through secure document encryptions and Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions for severe cases.

riskReduced risk and less maintenance

The absence of On Premise Server Infrastructure means that Cloud Solutions require less maintenance and pose a reduced risk, due to the elimination of mechanical failure.

Small & Medium
  • Cost Savings
  • Convenience
  • Flexibility
  • Remove a Single Point of Failure
  • Protection of Intellectual Property
  • Increased Collaboration
  • Timely delivery of Applications
  • Compliancy
  • Energy efficiency


Cloud Services

Technetics designs tailored Cloud Solutions for your Organisation based on its size and the Industry you operate within. When it comes to Cloud Solutions one size doesn't fit all.



Don't take our word for it, see who else has made the Switch

Technetics is an Award Winning team who has successfully provided tailored Cloud Solutions to companies of all sizes in a variety of industries. Expertise and Experience are reasons many leading Australian companies have intrusted us with their Cloud Migrations.


Frank Mason and Associates

"Technetics has always kept us in the loop of new technologies and has been accommodating to our needs. They even support our Brisbane office. We are proud to continue our relationship with Technetics in the long term, and highly recommend their services to others."

- Peter McKenzie

Mortgage Achievers

"The technical engineers are lovely and so knowledgeable in their field which gives me confidence as a customer and partner."

- Mario Borg
Principal Consultant

Cedar Woods Properties Limited

"We have found that the solutions proposed by Technetics are tailored to suit our business requirements and overall we have found staff to be very professional and approachable. We would highly recommend Technetics to any company in need of a skilled and customer focused IT partner."

- Nathan Blackburne
State Manager - Victoria


It all starts with an Audit

What will be discovered through the Audit

  • If a Cloud Strategy is in line with your Business Strategy
  • What existing or future services will be an appropriate fit for a Cloud Migration
  • The need for ongoing staff training or management of a Cloud Solution
  • The status of existing Cloud Projects
  • Identify and resolve any potential issues that may arise before implantation of a Cloud Solution
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis of a Solution
  • Whether a full, partial or no Cloud Solution is right for your business

What's involved

  • A Project Engineer dedicated to your Assessment
  • A consultant to perform a Cost-Benefit Analysis of your solution in line with your goals
  • Introduction to the advantages of Technetics' strong industry partnerships
  • Introduction to the most up to date Cloud Technologies available
  • A Cloud Assessment break down
    • Technical Cloud Assessment
    • Business Alignment Assessment
    • Internet Connectivity Assessment
    • Core Application Assessment
    • File Storage Assessment
    • Email assessment

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