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Quit Avoiding Proven Technologies!

It’s the nature of technology to take a while for the market to fully appreciate it. After it’s released, there’s an implementation phase where the benefits are weighed against the risks. This phase is usually a slow one, but if the technology is good, then its acceptance will be widespread and businesses will have to […]

Not All Server Units are Created Equal

Businesses love one-size-fits-all solutions, especially when it comes to technology. Cookie cutter solutions are easy to budget around and easy to implement. However, there are some aspects of a company’s technology that shouldn’t be standardised, like server units. When it comes time to pick one out for your business, the temptation is to treat your […]

Are You or Your Team a Security Threat to Your Business?

Data security should be a top priority for every business. Having good security means identifying risks. Surprisingly, some of the biggest data risks come from within. If employees aren’t following your organisation’s data management policies, then they’re your biggest threats. Technically, every employee carries with them some level of risk. Mary Shacklett, president of Transworld […]

Old Devices Can Compromise Security

As a responsible business owner, you know that using the latest technology and running updated software is a key component to your company’s network security. However, your employees may not value the latest tech like you do, which could result in a major data breach, despite your best efforts to keep your company current. Having […]