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Will the Apple Watch live up to the hype?

Apple has finally unveiled one of the worst kept secrets in the history of consumer electronics, its first smartwatch entitled the Apple Watch. Analysts have been predicting for some time that Apple would release a smartwatch, as the company had already promised in 2014 that it would develop new product lines in an attempt to […]

Benefits of a Wireless Network

There are many advantages of transferring your business to a wireless network. This technology can offer companies a huge range of benefits, many of which are often overlooked by the uninitiated. So here are some of the advantages of a wireless network. Increased Mobility This is probably the biggest advantage of a wireless network. Once […]

When Airline Technology Goes Awry

The disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on 8th March, 2014 was officially declared an accident by the Malaysian government. While this would have been of little comfort to anyone on board, not to mention the friends and families of those affected by the incident, it does pose […]

Will Microsoft Hololens be a Commercial Success?

Virtual reality and the concept of exploring worlds which are not ‘real’ in the sense that we typically understand it, has been a staple of science-fiction for many decades. The work of legendary writer Philip K. Dick was particularly centred around this concept, and spending time in virtual reality has been something that the scientifically-inclined […]

Is 2015 the year of IoT?

One of the most prominent buzz terms in Information Technology in recent years has been that of the Internet of Things. Most people are not familiar with this concept yet, unless they specifically work in computing or technology, but the Internet of Things is set to revolutionise the way that people all over the world […]

Sony Hacking Scandal

One of the biggest news stories in the latter stages of 2014 was the Sony Pictures hacking scandal. The story focused around the Sony Pictures movie ‘The Interview’, with United States federal government officials alleging that North Korea had planned and carried out the attack owing to what is perceived to be material critical of […]

The Pros and Cons of BYOD

A new technology which has garnered a significant amount of attention in the last year or so is bring your own device (BYOD). This system which enables employees of a business to utilise their own mobile devices while working on a company’s network, not to mention away from the office, is becoming increasingly popular with […]

Happy Holidays from Technetics!

The end of 2014 is quickly approaching, and we’re happily closing out another exciting year for business-driven technology at Technetics! Interest in the solutions we provide, including services like Cloud and VOIP, increased quite a bit again this year in line with advancements in the technology. At Technetics Data, because of our continued investment in […]