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You Can Safely Sleep With The Fishes At Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel

On the island of Key West in Florida, Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel is preparing for construction of its latest design – one of the world’s first luxury self-contained affordable underwater hotels. While its competitors are offering designs costing roughly US$11 million per room to build, Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel claims its approach will cost only […] Sold For Only $12, All Proceedings Went To A Good Cause

Last month, former Google employee Sanmay Ved achieved online fame by successfully purchasing the domain for just US$12, due to a flaw in Google’s domain name registration system. While researching the Google Domains interface, Ved entered ‘’ and clicked ‘search’. To his surprise, was available. He added it to his cart and completed […]

Big Delta: World’s Largest 3D Printer Could Build Entire Homes From Clay

3D printers are getting bigger. Last month, Italian engineering company WASP (World’s Advanced Saving Project) announced plans to unveil Big Delta, a 40-foot tall 3D printer – the largest in the world. Big Delta has a 20-foot-wide metal body and a rotating printing nozzle that doubles as a materials mixer to keep printing materials homogeneous. […]

Most ISPs Are Unprepared For Australia’s New Metadata Laws

Australia’s new data retention laws came into effect in October, and ISPs have until April 2017 to become fully compliant. But despite having had six months to prepare, 84% of Australian ISPs say they’re still not ready to begin collecting or storing metadata. The Attorney-General’s Department defines metadata as ‘data created when online tasks are […]

Alphabet: A Major Overhaul of Google’s Corporate Structure

The company we knew as Google is now a subsidiary of a larger parent company called ‘Alphabet’. CEO and cofounder Larry Page renamed and reorganized the business as part of a massive overhaul of his organisation’s structure. Other subsidiaries of Alphabet include Calico, Fiber, Google Ventures, Google Capital, Google X, Life Sciences, and Nest. And […]

How to Protect Yourself in the New Era of Car Hacking

You’re behind the wheel, but your car is increasing controlled by computers. Dozens of microprocessors regulate your braking, acceleration, central locking and lights. But hackers are learning how to gain access to these systems, and your car’s increasing reliance on wireless technology increases your vulnerability to attack. Cars now come with many of the same […]

How to Avoid Falling Victim to the CryptoLocker

CryptoLocker is particularly nasty ransomware Trojan that targets computers running Microsoft Windows. It is designed to extract money from its victims. CryptoLocker encrypts and blocks access to users’ files and then requests a ransom, with a 72-hour time limit for payment. If payment is not received within the set timeframe, the encryption key is destroyed, […]