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Prepare Your Business for the Relevant Disasters, Not the Absurd Ones

How prepared is your business for a disaster, and are you prepared for the right disaster? When it comes to making your organization’s business continuity plan, the scenarios you plan for need to be realistic. Otherwise, all the hard work of planning will be for nothing. There are some disasters that every business is at […]

3 Big Data Solutions for Modern Businesses

Big Data is an important part of any business. Without understanding trends in the consumer populace, how can you hope to sell your product? Unfortunately, many companies don’t know how to handle big data, and this holds back their earning potential significantly. What Big Data comes down to is the analysis of mostly unstructured information […]

Even Farmers Can Take Advantage of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is on its way, and we are seeing new applications for web-connected devices every day. Perhaps one of the most interesting ways to use Internet of Things technology is its integration into agriculture, or more specifically, artichoke growing at Ocean Mist Farms in Salinas Valley, California. There’s no doubt that agriculture […]

The Legendary Router Malware

When diagnosing your computer’s security problems, it should be noted that malware is not always located on the PC itself. A lot of the time, problems could be occurring in a number of different operating systems and browsers, making it difficult to diagnose the cause. A recent study by Ronald Kaplan and Dylan Kaplan proved […]