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NBN and its rollout in Australia

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is intended to deliver a new digital future for Australia and provide a huge amount of economic opportunities for businesses across the country. The NBN is a national wholesale-only, open-access data network which is currently under development. But a raft of issues still remain unresolved with regard to its efficacy. […]

Tablet Wars

The British newspaper the Daily Telegraph has reported that tablet computing is the fastest growing technology in human history. There is no doubt that tablets have come a long way in a short period of time; Apple has already shifted 200 million iPad units, for example. In common with other consumer electronics markets, Apple has […]

Is your business Cloud ready?

Cloud computing has been growing as a technology in recent years, and businesses of all sizes are signing up for cloud services in an attempt to improve their everyday operations. However, although the decision to move to the cloud can often be a sound one, many businesses are rushing into such arrangements without carefully assessing […]

Your Business Needs a Data Destruction Plan to Minimize Liability

Conventional wisdom informs businesses to store every byte of their data possible, and with the affordability of cloud storage, more companies are storing more files. Surprisingly, in an aboutface to this maximum data-storage practice, businesses are now being advised to delete all unnecessary data in light of our lawsuit-happy culture. Data as a Liability The […]

3 Trends for the Future of Cloud Computing

The cloud is changing the future of the technology industry in ways previously unseen. The cloud has the ability to store and process data from anywhere with a mobile device, which greatly changes the way that businesses operate. Everyone has their own predictions about what will happen as the cloud becomes more popular, but Greg […]

Are Workplace Distractions Getting Worse?

Technology is a double-edged sword. It provides businesses with powerful tools that can bring unparalleled organization and efficiency to their operations; yet, technology provides workers with a tidal wave of distractions. What’s your company doing to manage this unique technological paradox? People are Somehow Coping with More Distractions There’s no question that technology provides workers […]