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Oh No, My Laptop is Stolen! Now What? Here are 4 Steps.

Picture this, you’re at the airport with your laptop, knocking out an important project between flights. Suddenly, you’re approached by some touristy-looking people about taking their picture. You’re a nice person so you grant them their request. After a longer-than-expected photo session, you return to your seat only to find that your laptop has been […]

Even the White House Needs IT Services

A change is happening in the White House. Mikey Dickerson, a Google site reliability engineer, has just been appointed by the United States government as the deputy federal CIO, proving that even the big wigs need consulting from time-to-time. One of Mikey Dickerson’s primary goals as the deputy federal CIO is to “help government IT […]

Microsoft to Discontinue Support for Old Internet Explorer Versions

In an attempt to push users toward the most recent installment of Internet Explorer (IE 11), Microsoft has announced that, as of January 2016, all older versions of Internet Explorer will reach their end-of-support date. This means discontinued patching and security update support, putting all who refuse the upgrade at risk. As with all good […]