With Microsoft Continuum Your Smartphone Is Your Computer

At its Build Developer Conference in April, Microsoft announced the ability to convert a Windows 10 smartphone into a PC. In the same way you can stream video from your phone to a Google Chromecast or Apple TV, you’ll be able to stream the entire smartphone desktop to an external display.

Continuum for Phones takes advantage of new universal apps that run on Windows 10 for smartphones, PCs and tablets. If you run the mobile version of an application like PowerPoint or Excel on your smartphone, it will automatically resize and transform into a keyboard and mouse friendly version for use on a big screen.

The system can connect wirelessly via Miracast, or alternatively via a wired dock. It also supports wireless dongles, where your phone becomes a controller using a software touchpad and keyboard. The platform is aimed at emerging markets where smartphones are often the primary device.

The interface scales to large TVs and monitors, and the Start Menu uses the same Tiles found on the smartphone to provide access to apps, which reflow to take advantage of the larger display. Apps may also use the external screen as a second display, enabling you to watch a movie on the TV while checking your email on the smartphone.

Microsoft envisions a world where the phone powers many screens, and where every screen has the potential to become a computer. This could mean new laptops with a display and keyboard, but no processor, memory or storage since those would be provided via the smartphone. Similarly, ultra-thin tablets could also be powered from the phone.

Performance may be an issue, due to the lower processing power of the smartphone, but the lines between phone and PC are blurring, and it’s a giant step towards a future where everyone carries their computer with them all the time.

Continuum will appeal to anyone who relies on Microsoft Office and Windows at work and at home. Especially useful for mobile professionals, Microsoft Continuum puts all your apps and important documents at your fingertips, with the ability to work with your files on the go, and then present them using any large screen to your colleagues and customers.

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