The Right Server Room Can Make Or Break Your Business

When moving to new premises, many businesses begin by stacking servers and network gear on a spare shelf or desk. This approach, while inexpensive, invariably results in an uncontrolled mess as the business grows. Equipment is susceptible to theft, tampering, and accidental damage.

A dedicated server room is the best option for storing your rack-mounted hardware. Although initially more expensive to establish, the ease of management and protective environment for your equipment greatly outweigh any additional cost.

One major consideration is cooling. Multiple servers and uninterruptible power supplies generate substantial heat, and high temperatures can significantly reduce the lifespan of your hardware. Installing air-conditioning in the server room is highly recommended. Fire suppression technology can be included for further protection.

Cable management is also important. Every piece of equipment is connected to power cables, ethernet cables, or fibre optic cables. Structured cabling improves ventilation, eliminates trip hazards, and makes your network easier to control.

Another benefit is noise management – a dedicated server room will significantly reduce or even eliminate annoying equipment noise that would otherwise impact the productivity of your employees.

Server rooms and racks also provide the opportunity to properly label and document the environment. If configurations are not properly documented, they will not be easily understood by new employees or subcontractors. Correct labelling lowers the probability of disasters, such as your mission-critical servers being disconnected without warning.

The ideal server room is also windowless, and ideally built without external walls. This minimises the risk of flooding from water pipes, and improves security. It’s also a good idea to ensure there are no radio transmitters or other sources of electrical interference in close proximity. Further design considerations include room size, door size and access ramps (to install and remove equipment).

When moving to a new office, it’s vital to invest in a fully functional server room. A dedicated environment for your critical IT infrastructure will reduce downtime, boost productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately save you money.

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