The Pros and Cons of BYOD

A new technology which has garnered a significant amount of attention in the last year or so is bring your own device (BYOD). This system which enables employees of a business to utilise their own mobile devices while working on a company’s network, not to mention away from the office, is becoming increasingly popular with a wide range of commercial enterprises.

The reasons for this are pretty obvious. Firstly, BYOD potentially saves companies a great deal of money. Instead of investing capital on expensive hardware, employees can be incentivised to simply use their own existing devices instead.

Secondly, employees often actually enjoy using their own devices, finding it a novel concept and also being more familiar with them than hardware which is new to them. And finally, BYOD offers a great deal of flexibility. Not only does it enable pretty much anyone to tap into network hardware at any given time, but the ability to access systems from anywhere in the world 24 hours a day, 365 days a year cannot be underestimated in terms of its importance.

Disadvantages include the fact that BYOD can replace restrictions on devices. This is not usually a huge issue for companies, but it can create access issues for employees. Privacy can also be an issue for members of staff, particularly if they are using social media sites that involve personal information.

But above all else, it is argued that the security of company data can be compromised by BYOD. Employees can, of course, only access a fraction of available data, but this can conceivably be enough to acquire important and inappropriate information. It is essential to have a stringent policy in place to ensure that this does not occur.

It is this supposed security risk and potential loss of intellectual property that dissuades many businesses from signing up to this otherwise valuable technology. In addition, the whole concept of intellectual property can become nebulous when employees are working 24/7, creating ideas at home or on the road, and storing them on their own devices.

Nonetheless, BYOD is being rolled out widely to businesses in Australia, yet often without satisfactory security provision. A recent report which surveyed 4300 IT professionals in eight countries, including 390 in Australia found that 79 per cent of organisations in Australia are not providing their staff with appropriate BYOD training.

When implemented appropriately, BYOD can be a fantastic boon for any company. But it must be put in place sensibly and appropriately in order for your company to be able to utilise it safely.
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