Tablet Wars

The British newspaper the Daily Telegraph has reported that tablet computing is the fastest growing technology in human history. There is no doubt that tablets have come a long way in a short period of time; Apple has already shifted 200 million iPad units, for example.

In common with other consumer electronics markets, Apple has really created the genre-defining device with the iPad. But its position at the top of the tablet tree is now being challenged by another company with a huge reputation in computing.

The Microsoft Surface 3 is providing competition for the iPad, as Microsoft attempts to take a bite out of Apple’s market share. Certainly producing a device as slick as the iPad range is a massive challenge for Microsoft, but the company is well accustomed to success having established itself as the world’s largest seller of computer software.

But the challenge of displacing Apple at the top of the tablet market should not be underestimated. Apple is not only the biggest consumer electronics firm in the world, it is also rated by Forbes as the corporation with the largest market value of any on earth. Apple has built up an incredible cachet and buzz surrounding its devices; hence the fact that people queue around the block to get their hands on Apple products when they are first released.

Apple’s great strength as a company has been that key element of any business; delivering what customers actually want instead of telling them what they want. Apple’s strategy is based around slick, attractive devices that deliver the key functionality that people actually want more coherently than any of their competitors. And the iPad is no exception to this rule. It offers an extremely user-friendly system housed in a compact shell that is light, attractive and easy to handle.

With this in mind, it is notable that the Surface 3 is 70% heavier than the iPad, and significantly larger as well. The build quality of the Apple device is also second to none, and in general terms it is clearly the most physically attractive tablet on the market. Couple this with Apples unequalled operating system and the fact that iOS is specifically optimised to work with Apple hardware, and you have a very compelling device.

Microsoft attempts to compensate for this disparity by packing its machine with spec. The Surface 3 has a niftier processor, a slightly higher resolution than the iPad, tons of memory with 4 GB fitted as standard, and extra features such as a stylus and micro-SD functionality.

The competition can only be a good thing for the consumer, and in an age where more and more businesses are benefiting from tabloid technology, it could be an ideal time to purchase some for your company. Thankfully, Technetics is here to provide our wealth of experience to advise you on all of your IT procurement needs, so don’t hesitate to contact our procurement department on 1300 853 453.

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