How Relevant will Windows 10 be for Business?

Microsoft may be the world’s largest software company, but the last 18 months have been rather difficult for them. Their Xbox One video games console has not been particularly well received, and Windows 8 was not exactly a raging success for the corporation. Hamstrung by its attempts to be all things to all people, Windows 8 failed to deliver the functionality that its core audience required.

In particular, the operating system was not commercially successful with the business community, on which Microsoft greatly relies. The Windows operating system is still installed in just under 90% of computers worldwide, and this is due to the fact that overwhelmingly the corporate sector utilises PCs in everyday operations. Unfortunately for Microsoft, figures clearly indicated that businesses were willing to upgrade from existing Windows systems to Windows 8, due to some errors that Microsoft made with the design of the software.

So the forthcoming Windows 10 is a major release for the corporation. Microsoft has chosen to call it Windows 10 in an attempt to completely separate it from its Windows 8 predecessor. Microsoft is presenting Windows 10 as a revolutionary new operating system which will right the wrongs of the previous Windows generation, and deliver an operating system experience which not only does not alienate its core market, but also ensures that mobile and tablet users can utilise it effectively.

Microsoft is clearly targeting the business marketplace with Windows 10, but how successful will it be in this aim?

Microsoft states that Windows 10 has been designed with enterprise customers specifically in mind. The corporation already states that it will be the greatest ever platform for commercial organisations and their employees. This has involved ensuring that some familiar features from the previous versions of the operating system have been reinstated, most notably the Start menu.

Additionally, Microsoft have beefed up security in the software to ensure that it is of enterprise-grade, with new identity and information protection features built in. Microsoft also claims that the complexity of the software has been greatly reduced, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Microsoft are also providing businesses with more choice in how quickly they adopt the latest innovations; the emphasis is clearly on delivering what people actually want, which is a departure from the ethos which dogged windows 8.

It seems an entirely sensible decision for Microsoft to have departed from the tiling system which it utilised for Windows 8. Removing familiar features from the software was a big mistake, and Microsoft has at least been brave enough to admit that this needed to change. The new Windows 10 looks to be a piece of software that will meet both enterprise and home use perfectly, and it is clear that the corporation has listened to customers’ concerns.

Hopefully, Microsoft has been successful in its aim. What can be said for certain is that Technetics is the best place to acquire all of your Windows upgrades. Call Technetics on 1300 853 453 for all your network installation and IT upgrading requirements.

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