Benefits of a Wireless Network

There are many advantages of transferring your business to a wireless network. This technology can offer companies a huge range of benefits, many of which are often overlooked by the uninitiated. So here are some of the advantages of a wireless network.

Increased Mobility

This is probably the biggest advantage of a wireless network. Once this technology is put in place, it is possible for employees to sit at any terminal in order to access company servers.

Bring Your Own Device

However, there are advantages of wireless networks that go well beyond accessing systems within on-site locations. Wireless networks also enable Bring Your Own Device, which makes it possible for companies to enable employees to access company systems wherever they are in the world. The flexibility offered by this, with networks also available to employees via their own mobile devices, is extremely welcome for most businesses. And there can also be financial savings from hardware purchases which are negated as well.


Wireless networks make it easier for employees to collaborate, and this can result in quite significant productivity gains. Freedom of operation typically speeds up the working process, and many businesses all over the world have benefited from this.


This is an advantage inherently associated with cloud computing, and it is also a benefit of wireless networks. Adding new users to the system is no more difficult than issuing a new password, and updating the server is similarly straightforward. Wireless networks deliver fast and convenient scalability in a form which grows with your business.

Enabling Guest Usage

Similarly, when a business is in possession of a wireless network, it can provide secure access to visiting colleagues from other sites within the organisation. This can be extremely convenient and ensures that employees within a business need not waste a single second when in an off-site location.

VoIP Compatibility

Voice over Internet protocol is becoming increasingly popular, with commonly used systems such as Skype now a regular part of everyday business. Wireless networks can be utilised to make such VoIP telephone calls. It is not only convenient, but often a money spinner, considering that such calls are usually free. Even when making international calls, VoIP is considerably cheaper than conventional telephony.

Wireless networks are also generally cost-effective. The larger the network that is being dealt with, both in terms of physical area and the number of users online, the more expensive it will be to install a hard wired network. The sheer amount of cabling involved is one aspect of this, but significant amounts of labour are also be required in order to install all of the physical equipment. Of course, none of this applies to the convenient technology which is wireless networking.

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