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Vendor Management

What Do We Mean By Vendor Management?

Vendor Management is a service designed to ensure the most efficient handling of multiple third parties within the Information Technology Space. The term can encompass two aspects of the service.

In the first instance, Technetics can help your company to manage third party vendors supplying infrastructure such as internet service providers, databases or business systems.

In the second aspect, Technetics can act as a representative in the case of IT Hardware and Software procurement.


How Can Vendor Management Help Your Business?

3rd Party Management

  • Save Time – We have the experience and knowledge in the industry to know who to talk to in which instance and can deal directly with problems faster on your behalf, leaving your staff free to focus on your core business
  • Streamline the communication process - allow us to deal directly with suppliers to reduce the mixed messages a member of your firm may receive when trying to coordinate technical information between multiple parties

Case Study

Our Client asked us to look into their internet service provider as they felt it was quite expensive. Technetics built a comparison with vendors and was able to produce a bill, not only 40% cheaper but with a faster connection.

Examples of Vendors we can help you manage:


IT Hardware and Software

The benefits of this service are outlined on our IT Procurement Page

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