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Project Management

Technetics is often consulted by firms looking to engage our services in a specific project they would like to implement in their IT landscape. Casual Clients work with us on a project-by-project basis while our existing managed service clients also benefit from this service.


What Is Our Process?

Projects are generally undertaken by Technetics using the following process developed over the course of our history to ensure we produce the best possible results for our Clients.


Projects also contain peripheral services we offer such as

  • Management of Logistics and Service Implementations
  • Provision Power, Data and Telecommunication Points
  • Decommissioning of Equipment
  • Asset Disposal Of Old IT Equipment

Project Examples

  • Office Re-locations
  • New Office Set Up
  • Infrastructure Upgrades
  • Asset Collection and Disposal

Case Study

  1. Technetics was engaged to take over a project involving a Firm's office move which had lapsed a month over deadline. Technetics was initially responsible for setting up the desktop computers to ensure they were ready for staff to work on a certain date but was later widened to include full project management of the move to include provisioning of data, power and telephones as well as logistics for moving equipment.
  2. Vendor Management was used at this stage to ensure the best service engaged from vendors to set up power, Telephone VOIP system and data points
  3. Technetics arranged for a specialised logistics firm to come collect all the equipment and ship it to the new site on a Friday night and place it according to customer specifications ready for the IT engineers to begin the next step.
  4. Technetics IT engineers arrived onsite to at the new office that evening to setup the computers overnight ready for staff to commence work Monday morning with minimal disruption.
  5. Engineer present onsite for the first few days to ensure a smooth changeover process and any teething issues were resolved quickly
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