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IT Procurement

Technetics has a dedicated procurement team on hand to help you with your IT Procurement requirements. We can offer any level of service from advice and consultation on your purchase, simple transaction approaches, through to installation and management.

We can procure both IT Hardware such as servers, notebooks or switches as well as Software including licences and out of the box initial purchases.


Why Trust Technetics?

  • Purchasing Power – with a vast history of purchasing clients IT needs, Technetics has the advantage of buying power through the relationships built with suppliers translating into the best possible prices for our customers.
  • Quick Response Times – with dedicated staff for procurement we are always on hand to answer your query rapidly
  • Easy to Order – we streamline the order process to make it as hassle free as possible
  • Industry Experts – with constant contact with vendors and distributors Technetics ensures we are aware of all the latest technology to gain an in-depth knowledge of its benefits, applications and limitations to help clients make informed decisions.
  • Impartiality – Technetics offers impartial advice through our ability to take the knowledge granted from countless vendors and assess which solution will best suit customer requirements.
  • Avoid Costly Mistakes – Technetics is a managed service provider and therefore an industry expert on the application of the products you are procuring to ensure compatibility with your existing systems
  • Improve efficiency with a full service -  not only can we help with the procurement of your IT equipment we can  implement and manage a full solution to ensure your business makes the most out of its investments.

Examples of Major Vendors We Supply:

  • Hardware


  • Software


If you are looking into having something procured, the best thing to do is contact a member of our friendly team on 1300 853 453 or fill in a TechQuery below.



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