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24/7 Helpdesk

With a 24/7, 365 Day Coverage Helpdesk in place Technetics is always there to solve any IT problem our Clients may have. A 24 hour Helpdesk means emergencies originating after work hours mean a resolution path can be embarked on promptly therefire ensuring a solution is reached as quickly as possible.

Implementation of an outsourced helpdesk is incredibly simple through a link to download an agent, informally referred to as the 'Red T' which has a dual purpose in giving our clients the ability to lodge requests but also for our team to fix and monitor any problems that may arise.

Our helpdesk is led by a Helpdesk Manager and Service Delivery Manager overseeing the in-house team of engineers.  This structure has been developed to ensure clear escalation avenues and monitoring to deliver utmost efficiency to our clients.


What Can This Mean For Your Business?

  • Increase Productivity of Your Staff - Have an expert team of Engineers qualified to get you up and running sooner
  • Improve Operational Efficiency – No need to employ engineering staff resulting in lower overheads while not compromising quality for a helpdesk available 24/7
  • Increase Up time – Service Level Agreements from 1 hour meaning our team is focused on responding quickly to ensure service tickets can be planned and solved in a timely, thorough and professional manner
  • Long Term Benefits - By using a team dedicated to improving the IT environment within client’s businesses, you will ensure the eradication of a common ‘band aid’ style approach and movement towards long term solutions instead, a positive offshoot of which is the knowledge imparted to your staff on the best practice methods when dealing with technology
  • Improve Staff Morale - Customer Service is a focus with a feedback loop to ensure 100% satisfaction at the conclusion of every service ticket to give your staff a friendly approachable person to guide them effortlessly through their Technological problem
  • Control and Visibility – Technetics enables users to monitor the progress of their service ticket in real-time through the Customer Portal ensuring the site contact has the ability to monitor the process easily should they wish to do so

How Does It Work?

Our Clients have multiple avenues with which they can contact our helpdesk. The most common is depicted below however the option to call us directly is available as well.

For more information on our 24/7 Helpdesk and how it can work for you please contact a friendly member of the team on 1300 853 453 or fill in a TechQuery below.



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