Microsoft HoloLens Brings Augmented-Reality to Your Living Room

The Microsoft HoloLens is an augmented-reality head-mounted display unit, with a tinted visor that sits in front of your eyes ...
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Was the 2016 Census Really Hacked or Attacked?

On Tuesday 9th August 2016, approximately 13 million Australian households sat down to complete the Census. For over 100 years, ...
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The Temporary Tattoo That Monitors Your Blood Alcohol Level

You’ve probably heard of personal breathalysers and wristbands that read your blood alcohol level. But now researchers at the University ...
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Seagate Unveils Worlds Largest 60-Terabyte Solid State Drive

In early 2016, Samsung announced its 15TB PM1633a SSD, which at the time was the world’s largest SSD, dwarfing all ...
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The Google VR Tilt Brush Lets You Paint Virtual Worlds

Hailed as MS Paint for the next generation, Google’s new virtual reality Tilt Brush transforms your environment into a digital ...
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Google Bets the Farm on Artificial Intelligence

Google CEO Sundar Pichai published his 2016 Founder’s Letter in April, describing how the search engine giant will focus on ...
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Synek Somm – The Web-Connected Wine Dispenser That Adapts To Your Palate

Household gadgets are becoming increasingly intelligent. Everything from washing machines to fridges are being connected to the Internet of Things ...
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How Driverless Cars Will Revolutionise Personal Transport

The vast majority of cars on the road today are used only by their owners, and are not shared in ...
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Australia’s New Cyber-Security Minister Acknowledges National Vulnerabilities

Dan Tehan, the new minister in charge of the government’s cyber-security program, used his maiden public address to turn attention ...
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